Some of my Favorite Things

Magnus Karate

Magnus Karate is an authentic, year round karate institution located in West Chester, PA. Independently owned and operated by Sensei Mike Pannulla, Magnus Karate was founded in May of 2010. This is my karate dojo, and am proud of my sensei and friend, Mike.

Damo Mitchell's Lotus Nei Gong

Damo Mitchell runs international schools for Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and other internal arts. I am a Level 1 student in his online academy, will be for years as this is not a study for the impatient, and look to see Damo once a year for personal instruction. If your interested in any of these, please click the link above.

The Magnus Foundation

Founded in 2019, the foundation is a part of the Magnus Karate family. The foundation serves to provide our students scholarships for their college education. Please see our site for more information.

Live Life Nice

"Empower those who are doing Nice. Motivate those who want to do Nice. Inspire those are not doing Nice." A cause-driven digital media and apparel company, founded by Christian Crosby and Ashley Kane, Live Life Nice is on a mission to encourage acts of kindness, and they accomplish this by partnering with local charities and events. See their site for more information.

Workhorse Brewing Company

King of Prussia's only craft brewery from the ground up, Workhorse is my go-to for great craft beer staples. "Beer Made Right" isn't just a slogan, it's their whole mantra. The owner, Dan, is fantastic, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Proud to be a member of their Mug Club and supporting such a great business.

Who Needs a Mortgage?

For more information on my mortgage business and services - as well as the ability to apply online - please click the box above to be redirected to Prosperity Home Mortgage.

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